Inquiry or Removal Sheet




The following information is required, please fill out legibly:


Name ______________________________________________________



Name on mailing, if different _____________________________________


Address card sent to




Phone number we called you on




Best Phone Number for Contact




Please check one:



_______      I wish to learn more about the monies that are due to me.



_______      I wish to be taken off all contact lists and all mailings and calls to cease.



If you wish to stop all calls and/or mailings, please provide all addresses and phone numbers that we have called or mailed to, so that we can honor your request completely.



Signed ____________________________________________ Dated __________________


Please return to Greater Good Company using any of the following methods:


Mailing – A and S Capital Group Inc. – PO Box 524 Glenn Dale, MD 20769


Email – AStrain@WeFindMoneyForYou.Com


Fax – (240) 993-7800

You can also call with any questions at (240) 245-7731


   An A and S Capital Group Company